Electric Car Gas Stations

One of the interesting dilemmas that we face as we move forward towards all-electric cars is the issue of “filling up”. Once the charge indicator gets so low, it’s time to top off the charge to make sure you have enough reserve energy to complete your travels. One of the main methods of re-charging the EV’s is the adoption of charging stations like GE’s WattStation, discussed in this video:

The WattStation and other charging station technologies are fine if you have time to stop and charge up, but what about when you’re on a long trip? It’d be nice to have the in-and-out convenience that we have with traditional gas stations. You pull in, fill up and you’re on your way in 5-10 minutes or so.

I ran into another interesting video that discusses a method that allows you to do just that. You pull your car into a Battery Switch Station and a robotic assembly removes the battery pack from underneath your car and replaces it with a fully charged replacement. You’re in, refueled and back on the road in 2 minutes or so. Neat stuff for the road warriors, taxi’s, delivery people, etc. A demo of the concept is here:

Now the trick is to get both of these technologies integrated together. Ensuring that we have the ability to plug-in when we have the time and a charging station is nearby but also designing the vehicles for a quick change of the battery pack for those long hauls.

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